Godzilla, A Massive Custom Made Green 24-String Bass Guitar With a Giant Headstock and Bridge

In the winter of 2014, musician Chris Cardone of Kalium Strings put out the call for someone to help him build the largest bass guitar possible. The talent luthiers at Prat Basses answered and together designed “Godzilla“, a massive green 24-string bass with an enormous headstock and a complicated bridge to accommodate the incredible number of strings. When asked by Premier Guitar why he decided to create such a large instrument, Cardone’s response was “Why not?”.

Why not? It hadn’t been done and it seemed like a great idea…I’ve heard similar instruments sound so choral and orchestral, and I wanted that huge, multi-course tone for myself. Also, it’s a great showpiece for a string company. And last but not least, it’s huge, pretentious, and vicious.

Music vlogger Jared Dines got an up-close look at this incredible bass during a NAMM conference in 2016.

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via Premier Guitar, The Awesomer