A 1990 Super Soaker Appears to Restore Itself to Original Condition in Amusing Stop-Motion Timelapse

The craftsman behind Hand Tool Rescue (previously) created a really amusing stop-motion timelapse that looks like a 1990 Larami Super Soaker water gun is restoring itself into pristine original condition.

This video took me around 50 hours to make and just over 4000 photos. I have been wanting to get to item for a while now. It’s a 1990 Super Soaker made by Larami Corp…This thing is almost entirely plastic and most parts are permanently glued together. Those features make it very hard to actually restore, but slightly easier to repair.

This particular water gun is rather rare, expensive and highly sought due to its pressurized pump action, which is no longer being made.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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