Incredible 4K Remastered Footage From a 1973 Genesis Live Concert at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris

The Genesis Museum has taken classic 16mm film footage from a 1973 Genesis concert and remastered it to 4K high definition. They also used an AI tool to reduce noise and to fill in video gaps where the image was blurry or missing. The show took place on January 10, 1973, at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris, France.

This was a really big project. Not that the source was bad, the source was actually very nice. However, the source had many anomalies, but enough “clay” was there to mold this into something even better. …I then remastered the rest of the audio to give it a bit more life, some compression and reverb and stereo effects, though not too much as this is a small club and would be strange if it sounded like Giants Stadium.

Genesis 1973

via Boing Boing