Making a ‘Hot Dr Pepper’ Using a 1960s Recipe

Max Miller of Tasting History made a “Hot Dr Pepper” using a 1960s recipe, which essentially contains heated Dr Pepper soda and a lemon.

Everyone loves a warm beverage around the holidays, cup of cocoa, mulled wine, hot Dr Pepper. Yes in the late 1960s the holiday beverage  of choice was hot Dr Pepper, this time on Drinking History. 

As with his previous videos, Miller also looked into the history of the iconic soda and why someone came up with the idea of serving it hot.

Foots Clements…started working at the Dr Pepper company in 1942 and eventually he would actually become CEO and chairman of the board but in the late 60s he was a sales executive when he realized that during the summer the friendly pepper upper had fantastic sales that then plummeted along with the temperature, and so the marketing department came up with this amazing idea what if our cold beverage was hot? Thus born was hot Dr Pepper.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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