102 Year Old Retired Teacher Wears a Pink PPE Suit Made by Her Grandson to Cast Her Mail-In Ballot

Bea Lumpkin, a smiling 102 year old former teacher who lives in Chicago, donned a pink PPE suit along with a white visor and gloves in order cast her vote in the 2020 election. According to WBBM Radio, Lumpkin’s grandson made the suit for her so that she safely could leave the house, cross the street and personally put her ballot in the mail. Lumpkin, who has been voting since 1940 without fail, said this was a very important time to vote. She also stated that she was going to keep track of her ballot online.

When I was born, women couldn’t vote…And second, because it’s the most important election of my lifetime. The very future of democracy is on the line. …As soon as they get my ballot I’m going to get an email that’ll let me know they have the ballot,