The Colbert Report 2008 Intro Compilation

guest post by mikl-em

Comedy Central put out the above end-of-year rapid-fire compilation of The Colbert Report show intros.

For those of you unfamiliar with how The Colbert Report is opened, teh Wikipedias offer this helpful primer:

Typically, Colbert starts each episode with teasers regarding the show’s topics and guest, each headline structured to be a deliberate pun, followed by a verbal metaphor that promotes the show — for example, “Go out ten yards and button-hook to the left. I’m going to hit you with a perfect spiral of the truth. This is The Colbert Report.”

Other harvestable information nodules from the article include:

  • The show’s opening title sequence includes animated words that describe Colbert. The last word shown used to be “grippy”, but has changed to other words and phrases including: “flagaphile”, “gutly”, “eneagled”, and (as of November 2008) “Factose Intolerant”.
  • Colbert’s desk is in the shape of seriffed C, standing for Colbert.
  • The word truthiness which Colbert coined was used in The New York Times crossword puzzle in June 2008
  • Colbert’s 3-deep portrait was on display at the National Portrait Gallery for a limited time earlier this year. It was then officially donated to the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s American Treasures exhibit. At the end of that show, a new 5-deep portrait was unveiled, with the newest Colbert holding his newly-won Emmy with another Emmy and a Peabody by the mantle.
  • Beginning June 3, 2008, The Colbert Report also aired on the Showcomedy channel of Showtime Arabia, a channel which broadcasts in the Middle East and North Africa. The show is transmitted on a one day delay from original transmission in the US.

Below is a clip of the Smithsonian’s director officially accepting the portrait from Stephen.

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