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Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale, New Belgium and Ben & Jerry’s Craft a Beer Benefiting an Environmental Agency

Salted Caramel Brownie BrownAle

New Belgium Brewing and Ben & Jerry’s have announced their collaboration on Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale, a special release beer benefiting Protect Our Winters, an environmental agency that seeks to raise awareness around climate change.

As Fellow B Corporations beholden to stakeholders including the earth, their communities and the environment, New Belgium Brewing and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream are excited to announce a partnership designed to please palates and raise awareness.Details at this time are preliminary, though New Belgium has developed a special release beer called Salted Caramel Brownie set to hit markets in the fall of 2015. The two like-mined businesses have long championed similar causes such as minimizing carbon pollution and supporting sustainable agriculture. This project will focus on environment awareness as well.

image via Ben & Jerry’s

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The Beer Engine, A Specialty Motorcycle With a Beer Barrel for a Sidecar and an Onboard Bar

Hogs Back

The Beer Engine is a custom-built motorcycle commissioned by the Hogs Back Brewery in Surrey, UK for a Discovery Channel competition. The motorcycle features a sidecar built from a beer barrel, as well as an onboard bar. Though it was ultimately disqualified from the competition due to its sidecar, the bike is still on-display at the brewery.

Hogs Back

Hogs Back

Hogs Back

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Beer Soap, A Collection of Soaps Made by Hand Using a Variety of Popular Domestic and Imported Beers

Boston Lager

Beer Soap is a fresh new collection of soaps, from The Beer Soap Company, that are all made by hand using a variety of popular domestic and imported beers. They are available to purchase from the The Beer Soap Company website, their Etsy store, and Vat19.

We know what you’re wondering. So, here are the answers:

Yes, each 4.5 oz soap contains real beer.
No, they do not smell like yesterday’s skunked Studweiser that has been sitting in the new day’s sun for six hours.
Each Beer Soap is made using one delicious brew in addition to a variety of all natural ingredients. Each soap variety has a different fragrance (depending on its source brew), but none of them can be described as overly beer-like.

There is a hint of hops, a tinge of an herbal aroma, and sometimes a citrus note (depending on the brew). However, none of them are overpoweringly fragrant. In fact, there are two varieties that have been left unscented (Guinness and Sam Adams).

Wedding Beers

Winter is Coming

Beer Soap

Beer Soap

images via The Beer Soap Company and Vat19

How the Chemistry of the Craft Beer Brewing Process Differs From Larger Commercial Brands

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, Reactions delves into the chemistry of craft beer and explains what happens within the brewing process that makes craft beer different from the larger commercial brands.

It’s been around for centuries but it seems like beer has never been more popular. Microbreweries are cranking out special stouts, IPAs, lagers and pilsners. And the flavors and aromas of each of those brews all come down to chemistry. …[CORRECTION: The beta acid structure at 1:18 and 1:32 is a beta version of Cleve’s acid. We should have shown the structure of lupulone or another beta acid found in beer. We regret the error — many thanks to Andy at Compound Interest for catching that.

Compound Interest has also created an informative graphic that plots the chemical composition of beer and what makes beer taste bitter.

Chemical Composition of Beer

image via Compound Interest

A Colorful Map Plotting the Most Popular Beers Enjoyed in Over 100 Countries Worldwide

Beer World Map

After creating infographic that showed the most popular beers in the United States, the folks at Vinepair (previously) set their sites outward and used the same formula to compute and plot the most popular beers in over 100 different countries worldwide.

Our curiosity piqued, we set out to find every country in the world’s most popular beer. The map below brings together dozens of sources, from research reports to corporate filings, to reveal the most popular beers in over 100 countries. As you can see, the beer brands of the world are as diverse as our planet itself — though a handful of massive multinational brewers own a staggering number of these brands, which we’ll be exploring in the future.

image via Vinepair

Beer Cap Maps, Wooden Hole-Filled Maps Allowing People to Display Bottle Caps From the Location of the Beer’s Brewery

Continental USA

Jesse Darley has designed Beer Cap Maps, a brilliant series of laser-cut plywood maps filled with holes that allow people to display bottle caps from the location of the beer’s brewery in the Continental United States–and soon, the world. It’s a lot like the maps that allowed collectors to display the 50 quarters that represented each state in the United States. Maps of the entire Continental USA, select states only, and international maps are available to purchase and pre-order online.

Each map is laser cut from ~1/4 inch thick plywood with holes sized to snugly hold bottle caps. The state capital is etched into each map. Small holes provided for hanging, though a hook through one of the cap holes works great as well.

Beer Cap Maps


New York
New York


images via Beer Cap Maps

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