A 1974 Interview About Boozy the Beer-Loving Snail

Michael Barrat of BBC Nationwide interviewed snail trainer Christopher Hudson who explained that his giant African snail named Boozy enjoys drinking from a pint of beer every so often in a BBC interview from 1974.

Nationwide’s Michael Barratt interviews Chris Hudson, who has been reunited with his pet giant African snail – Boozy – after four years.

Hudson, who raced snails for charity, told Barrat that Boozy had been missing for four years after escaping into his garden. They were reunited again after Boozy appeared on the front page of a local Southhampton newspaper. Hudson proved that Boozy was his snail by putting a pint of beer in front of the giant gastropod.

He just went missing and last week he appeared on the front page of a local newspaper and the News editor asked where did the snail come from? And whose was he? He was soon recognized because Boozy’s in the Guinness book of records as being the largest of its kind in captivity in England. I went out to Chessington Zoo last Friday to collect boozy prove that he was mine by giving him a pint. …Boozy loves the odd little tipple now and then.

Boozy Beer Loving Snail