Mathematical Strategies to Help Improve the Chances of Winning at Rock-Paper-Scissors

Numberphile (previously) host Hannah Fry takes a look at a number of mathematical strategies aimed at increasing one’s probability of winning a round of rock-paper-scissors. While the game is intended to be determined by random chance, certain strategies can increase one’s odds when playing against a human opponent.

People who win tend to repeat their strategy. For example, if I beat you playing rock, there is a very high probability that I will play rock again, a second time. If it worked once, it’s going to work again, right?

How Scientists Are Attempting to Strengthen Human Skin and Remove the Need for Bulky Body Armor

In the latest episode of Science Friction, host Rusty Ward looks at ongoing attempts to combine material with human skin to remove the need for cumbersome body armor, beginning with the work of Dutch artist Jalila Essaidi, who is working with scientists to weave spider silk into skin.

An Adorable Toddler Tries in Vain to Stop Words From Scrolling Off a Television Screen

A recent video posted by Michelle Williams shows an adorable toddler named Jaxon trying in vain to stop the words from scrolling off the television during a weather report.

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GoPro Video of an iPhone 6 Case Drop-Tested From 101,000 Feet Up Into the Stratosphere

Smartphone accessory maker Urban Armor Gear put its iPhone 6 case to the test by sending it up into 101,000 feet into the stratosphere, where the temperatures dropped as low as -79 degrees before it came tumbling down to Earth. While the attached parachute helped slow the descent, the flight rig holding the GoPro cameras and phone together didn’t fare as well on impact as the iPhone case.

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How to Draw 3D Objects That Appear to Be Coming Off of the Paper Using Lines

Dave Hax (previously) shows how to draw 3D objects that appear to be coming off the paper using lines in his most recent instructional video. He creates a three-dimensional pencil drawing of a wooden spoon, his hand, and Bart Simpson.

music by Kevin MacLeod – “Cipher2

A Supercut of the Many User Interfaces Found in ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope’

San Francisco-based video game developer Dino Ignacio took it upon himself to create a supercut of the various user interfaces found throughout 1977’s Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The supercut features far more than just software, including moments where characters interact with doors, knobs, buttons, and more.

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Fark Founder Drew Curtis Launches Citizen Candidate Campaign for Governor of Kentucky

Fark Founder Drew Curtis

Fark founder Drew Curtis has launched what he calls a citizen candidate campaign for Governor of Kentucky. He is running alongside his wife, Heather Curtis, as Lieutenant Governor. Curtis announced his candidacy on January 23, 2015 at an event held at the Chase Brewing Company in Lexington, Kentucky.

recent episode of the Fark series WTFark explains Curtis’ candidacy and its stated goal of disrupting the American two-party system. Curtis is raising funds through his campaign site where he is also posting relevant information.

We have a theory that we’re about to see a huge change in how elections and politics work. Across the country, we have seen regular citizens stepping up and challenging the status quo built by political parties and career politicians. They have been getting closer and closer to victory and, here in Kentucky, we believe we have a chance to win and break the political party stronghold for good.

photo via Scott Beale

A Musicless Version of the Music Video for the Beastie Boys Song ‘(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)’

Mario Wienerroither (previously) of the DIGITALOFEN audiobakery recently stripped all the music out of the music video for the Beastie Boys‘ hit song from 1987, “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)“. Wienerroither then dubbed over the music video with all sorts of wild sounds and voices.

The original “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” music video for the sake of comparison:

PULS shared behind-the-scenes footage of how Mario creates his musicless music videos:

The TSA Offers a Detailed Breakdown of the Dangerous Items It Seized at Airport Security in 2014


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has created an extremely thorough post detailing the many dangerous items it seized at airport security checkpoints across the United States in 2014. With more than 653 million passengers (up nearly 15 million from 2013) screened during the year, 2,212 firearms were discovered in carry-on bags–a 22% increase from the year prior.

Top 10 Airports for Gun Catches in 2014

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW): 120
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL): 109
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX): 78
George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH): 77
Denver International Airport (DEN): 70
William P. Hobby Airport (HOU): 50
Tampa International Airport (TPA): 49
Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL): 49
Nashville International Airport (BNA): 48
Orlando International Airport (MCO): 47

The TSA also maintains an ongoing Instagram account highlighting such seizures.






images via TSA

Julia Roberts to Produce and Star in a Feature Film About the Mighty BatKid Based on the Documentary ‘Batkid Begins’

 Julia Roberts photo by Jordan Strauss for AP Images
photo by Jordan Strauss for Associated Press

According to Deadline, actress Julia Roberts has acquired the rights produce and star in a feature-length film adaptation of Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World, a touching documentary by filmmaker Dana Nachman that explores and celebrates Miles Scott (aka “BatKid“) and his Make-A-Wish Foundation adventures throughout San Francisco.

photo by Jeff Chiu for Associated Press

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