‘An Object at Rest’, An Animated Short Film Telling the Story of a Stone Over Geological Eras

An Object at Rest” is an animated short film by Seth Boyden that tells the story of a stone over geological eras and the eventual interruption of the stone’s peaceful slumber caused by humans. The beautiful watercolor backgrounds set an organic tone that highlights the earthy, natural feel of the film.

Boyden also created a series of adorable miniatures from scenes in the film.

An Object at Rest miniature rock and tree

An Object at Rest miniature rock and man

An Object at Rest miniature rock

photos via Seth Boyden

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The New Host of ‘Anglophenia’ Introduces Herself by Giving a Tour Around a Typical British Home

In the episode “Confusing Things About British Homes” of Anglophenia (previously), new host Kate Arnell introduces herself by giving a tour around her London apartment, explaining the notable differences between British and American homes particularly when it comes to the lavatory.

This is worth getting right before you’re in too much of a hurry. Should you need to use the conveniences, ask for a bathroom and you may be directed to a room with a bath in it, but no toilet. The Brits are terribly literal like that. By all means, ask if you can use the toilet, or the lavatory, or the loo, and they will immediately direct you to the nearest room in which you can do your business. Due to a healthy fear of electrocution, British bathrooms don’t tend to be wired up for electricity, as it does not play nicely with water. …Some bathrooms don’t even have the light switch in the room: It’s out in the hall or landing, just by the door. It’s worth checking this before you find yourself feeling a wall in the middle of the night while busting for a pee.

Rémi Gaillard and His Friends Cause Trouble Around Town While Dressed Up as Different ‘Tetris’ Bricks

French prankster Rémi Gaillard (previously) and a group of his friends recently pulled off a new prank where they caused trouble around town while dressed up as differently shaped Tetris bricks. The group of bricks worked as a team while blocking escalator entrances and exits, linking up with other brick-like objects to irritate strangers on the streets, and knocking people’s food off tables.

Dressed in brick, Remi Gaillard teleports the video game “Tetris” into the real world. He is crazy, he is not alone, he is back.

Lifelike Full-Body Muscle Suits That Range From Lean to Mega-Sized Muscle Tones

Standard Muscle Suit

Flex Design Costumes has created an impressive collection of full-body muscle suits that range from lean to mega-sized muscle tones. If the Hulk-like Mega size is still too small, they also offer custom suits by request for taking anyone’s fake muscles beyond the extreme. The muscle suit are available to purchase, in a full range of colors, from their online store.

We previously wrote about Adam Savage and his amazing muscle suit that he had made by Flex Design Costumes.

Mega Muscle Suit

Mega Muscle Suit

Flex Design Costumes has also announced that they will soon be releasing a premium line of character costumes that will be built over top of their muscle suits. They recently showed off a few photos of their custom Deadpool costume.


Deadpool Muscle Suit

photos via Flex Design Costumes

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Fetch and Freight, A Pair of Automated Warehouse Robots by Fetch Robotics

Fetch and Freight are a pair of automated warehouse robots by Fetch Robotics. The Fetch is a robot that can find and select specific items from warehouse shelves, and then place them into a bin being transported by its partner robot Freight.

Freight can either pair with a Fetch robot or be put into “follow mode” and use its laser scanner to follow a person as they pull items from the shelves. Once an order is completed, Freight carries it to a shipping area to be sent out to the customer.

In a recent video, IEEE Spectrum features Fetch Robotics CEO Melonee Wise as she shows off Fetch and Freight in the Fetch Robotics simulated warehouse.

fetch robot 2

fetch robot 1

photos via Fetch Robotics

via IEEE Spectrum