‘Rock Feast’, A Display of Rocks That Resemble Food Arranged With Dishes and Silverware

rock feast 4

Rock Feast is a series of photos taken recently at the San Diego County Fair that show rocks that resemble food arranged with dishes and silverware.

rock feast 1

rock feast 3

rock feast 5

rock feast 2

photos via Weird Universe

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How to Light-Paint a Skeleton Using Long-Exposure Photography

Darren Pearson, a Los Angeles based light-art photographer who creates amazing light-paintings, has made a video showing how to light-paint a skeleton using long-exposure photography. The entire process takes around two minutes.

A Wonderfully Surreal Video That Features a Mother Pig Blowing Up Her Babies as If They Were Balloons

piggy“, the latest surreal video by animator Cyriak Harris, features a mother pig blowing up her piglets one-by-one as if they were balloons, while the other porcine youngsters dance around waiting for their turns.

Two Little Girls Teach Their Energetic Dog How to Jump Up and Down On the Bed

In 2013, Gil Abramov captured adorable footage of two little girls teaching their very perceptive and energetic pit bull named Loco how to jump up and down on the bed. The girls first taught by example and then repeatedly encouraged him to continue on.

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A Tiny Kitten and a Baby Owl Happily Snuggle and Play Together at Japanese Cafe


A tiny calico Scottish Fold kitten named Marimo snuggles and plays with an equally tiny baby owl named Fuku at the Hukulou Coffee House in Osaka, Japan. While the cafe is primarily focused on all things owl, the kitten is certainly getting a great deal of attention, particularly from Fuku.

Kitten and Owl

Kitten Kiss

Owl and Kitten

Side by Side

Kitten and Owl Playing

images via Hukulou Coffee

via RocketNews24

Two Brothers Have Been Mailing Each Other the Same Ecology Themed Birthday Card Back and Forth for Over 40 Years

birthday card interior

Sunny Kate Methier recently posted photos of a Peanuts comic birthday card that her father Jeff Methier and uncle Ron Methier have been mailing back and forth to one another for over 40 years. The tradition appears to have begun in 1973, and keeps in the spirit of the card itself which reads, “This is the age of ecology! Don’t throw this card away… Recycle it to a friend!”

birthday card front

photos via reddit

via reddit, ABC News

‘PBS Game/Show’ Examines the History of Nintendo’s Video Game Controllers

PBS Game/Show host Jamin Warren examines the history of Nintendo‘s video game controllers in a recent video. As Warren notes, a Nintendo’s video game consoles tend to be defined by their controllers.

The History of Nintendo is defined by its wacky controller designs. From the NES to the WiiU, nearly every new generation of console brought some new way to control their games. The NES had the D-pad, the SNES had shoulder buttons, the N64 had the Z-Trigger, and so on. But why? Why do we find such innovate use of controls in Nintendo and not in Sony or Microsoft?

Two Ultra Hal Chatbots Talking to Each Other Quickly Devolves Into a Strangely Sexual Conversation

Two Ultra Hal chatbots by Zabaware having a conversation in a 2011 video quickly devolve into a strangely sexual place that’s also obsessed with alcohol consumption. As Zabaware notes, Ultra Hal learns from conversations with other people as well as Twitter–though neither method seems to make for the best teachers.

Zabaware’s Ultra Hal is an artificially intelligent chat bot that learns from past conversations (human-to-bot) as well as from observing Twitter conversations (human-to-human). Watch what happens when one Ultra Hal bot has a conversation with another Ultra Hal bot.

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A Fantastic View of the Sky If All Asteroids Were Visible

“Astronogamer” Scott Manley provides a view of the sky if all asteroids were visible in his first attempt at a YouTube 360-degree video. The video was created using a virtual sky sphere, and released for Asteroid Day 2015. In the video, Manley calls for more resources to be allocated to the discovery of asteroids that have the potential to impact the Earth, and asks viewers to sign a petition for that cause launched by the Asteroid Day Foundation.

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