BBC America Releases the Second Official Trailer to Usher in the Third Season of ‘Orphan Black’

BBC America has released the second official teaser trailer to usher in the third season of the remarkable television series Orphan Black and stars Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning and all of the Project LEDA clones and Ari Millen plays Mark Rollins and all of the Project CASTOR clones. The series premieres at 9:00 P.M. on Saturday, April 18, 2015.

Season 3

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Ari Millen as Mark

images via BBC America

A Haunting Video Montage of Actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Last Three Films

CutPrintFilm (previously) has created a haunting montage that includes clips from the last three films that actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman made before his untimely death in 2014. Adding to the somber mood is a beautifully stark piano piece by The Orange Project in the background.

However, before his untimely death, Hoffman wrapped production on three films, all of which were released in 2014. He starred as Mickey Scarpato in God’s Pocket, directed by Mad Men alumni John Slattery; Günther Bachmann in A Most Wanted Man, directed by Anton Corbijn; and Plutarch Heavensbee in The Hunger Games Mockingjay: Part 1, directed by Francis Lawrence . While none of the performances reach the unattainable level of The Master, they are each examples of what a talent this man truly was – acting as echoes of his greatness that reach out posthumously.

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The Names of Marvel Superheroes and Villains Illustrated in Different Foreign Languages

Marvel Characters in Other Countries

Manchester-based artist James Chapman has created a series of illustrations that depict the names of Marvel superheroes and villains in various foreign languages. Iron Man translates to “The Iron One” in German, Spider-Man‘s iconic name transforms into “Pókember” in Hungarian, and more.

Some of these are from the comics and some are from the movies. They change their names more often than they change into their costumes.

Marvel Characters in Other Countries

Marvel Characters in Other Countries

Marvel Characters in Other Countries

Marvel Characters in Other Countries

images via James Chapman

Dancer Appears to Levitate Through Everyday Life in Self-Portrait Photo Project

365 Photos by Mickael Jou

Photographer and dancer Mickael Jou photographs himself leaping and levitating through everyday life in his wonderful ongoing 365-photo project. He photographs himself in mid-leap with the aid of a remote and tripod. The Berlin-based artist has been recording the images around Europe for the past three years. He estimates it will take another three years to complete the project.

365 Photos by Mickael Jou

365 Photos by Mickael Jou

365 Photos by Mickael Jou

365 Photos by Mickael Jou

365 Photos by Mickael Jou

photos by Mickael Jou

via Daily Mail Online

‘Killing Cancer’, An In-Depth Vice & HBO Report on Cutting-Edge Alternative Cancer Treatments

Killing Cancer Preview (HBO)

“Killing Cancer” is a Vice special report that takes an in-depth look on cutting-edge, experimental alternatives to chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer.

Cancer has been such a scourge of humanity for so long that the very word inspires a deep dread in anyone who hears it—it’s a two-syllable gut punch, a hole that suddenly opens up beneath you. Similarly, a “cure for cancer” has been a holy grail of modern medical research the way getting to the moon used to inspire space programs. All told, the world has spent decades and billions of dollars trying to cure cancer, or cure some kinds of it, or simply make some of them less awful and deadly—and VICE is going to give viewers an inside look at the most cutting-edge cancer treatments in the world.

The report aired on HBO last night and the response to the special garnered so much attention that Vice and HBO decided to put the entire episode online. Additionally, Shane Smith, the founder and CEO of Vice has offered to match every donation made to the Mayo Clinic, up to $500,000.

The entire 45-minute episode in its entirety.

First-Ever Baby Woolly Rhinoceros Carcass Discovered in Siberian Permafrost

Baby woolly rhino

Last fall, hunter Alexander “Sasha” Banderov in Russia’s Sakha Republic came across a the carcass of a baby woolly rhinoceros–a species of rhinoceros that went extinct about 10,000 years ago–at a riverbank. Banderov told the Academy of Sciences about the discovery (translated by The Siberian Times.)

At first we thought it was a reindeer’s carcass, but after it thawed and fell down we saw a horn on its upper jaw and realised it must be a rhino. The part of the carcass that stuck out of the ice was eaten by wild animals, but the rest of it was inside the permafrost and preserved well. We immediately got in touch with Mammoth Fauna Department of the Yakutian Academy of Sciences.

After a long delay due to transportation issues across the very large region, Banderov was able to deliver the carcass to scientists at the Academy of Sciences in Sakha, who confirmed that the remains are of a baby woolly rhinoceros that was about 18 months of age when it died. The specimen, nicknamed Sasha after its discoverer, is especially exciting because it is the first and only known baby woolly rhinoceros to be found, and its condition, complete with wool, a full skull, two legs with hooves, nostrils, mouth, one ear, and an eye, will allow extensive study. Researchers are hoping to extract well-preserved DNA, considering the frozen state the carcass had been in for thousands of years.

Wooly rhinoceros
A 1915 drawing of a full-grown woolly rhino by Charles R. Knight

Baby woolly rhino close

Baby woolly rhino presented

Baby woolly rhino head

images via Academy of Sciences, Republic of Sakha and credit artist

via The Siberian Times, Daily Mail

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