‘Underlapse’, An Experimental Short Film Exploring the Importance of Spatial Cues

“Underlapse” is an experimental short film by Claire & Maxime of Menilmonde that explores how spatial cues can determine our reality. The duo explains more about the short film in a post on their website. We previously posted about “Hypocentre” and “para l l el”, their short films about cities from around the world devoid of people.

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A Bad Lip Reading Parody of ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’

I need to wear one of my thongs. Will you get it for me? Because I’m in a diaperrr…” – Jacob

Bad Lip Reading has created a funny bad lip reading parody of the 2010 romantic fantasy film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The 7-minute video is filled with characters talking about off the wall topics and it ends with a comical “Hot Potato” tune sung by Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). We’ve previously written about their ongoing series of bad lip reading videos.

Tiny Tattoos, Whimsical Photos of Tattoos Paired with Matching Backgrounds


In his clever photo series “Tiny Tattoos,” photographer Austin Tott pairs whimsical miniature tattoos to matching background scenes.





photos by Austin Tott

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Osteoid, A 3D-Printed Medical Cast Prototype Featuring an Ultrasound System to Help Heal Bones Faster

Osteoid Cast

Osteoid is a 3D-printed medical cast prototype by designer Deniz Karasahin that uses ventilation holes to provide access for use of a low-intensity pulsed ultrasound system in order help heal fractured bones up to 38% faster. The design won Karasahin a Golden A’ Design Award in the 3D Printed Forms and Products category.

The goal of this project is to improve the overall healing experience for broken or fractured limbs by focusing on the patient’s comfort and the amount of time needed for the body to heal itself. Comfort; creating a stable and protective environment. Conventional medical casts sacrifice ventilation for structural integrity. As a result they are itchy, they smell very bad and due to plaster’s material properties they are bulky, heavy and they limit patient’s exposure to water. Osteoid medical cast offers a new way of tackling these problems by introducing new technologies which enables us to make custom fitted, durable 3d printed medical casts that doesn’t itch or smell.

Osteoid Cast

Osteoid Cast

Osteoid Cast

Osteoid Cast

images via A’ Design Award & Competition

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An Interview With Legendary Graphic Designer Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser, the legendary graphic designer behind the I Love NY logo among many other iconic designs, talks about his work in this interview with La Moutique. The video was part of the Costa Rica International Design Festival.

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A Series of Interactive Maps Showing Preferred Major League Baseball Teams by Region Across the United States

Baseball Borders

The Upshot over at The New York Times has used aggregated data provided by Facebook to create a fascinating series of 14 intricately detailed, interactive maps showing preferred Major League Baseball teams by region across the United States. The 14 maps, with detailed analysis accompanying each, are available over at The Upshot.

Baseball Map Yankees vs. Red Sox
Munson-Nixon Redux

images via The New York Times The Upshot

‘These New York City Streets’, A Short Video About an Artist Who Finds Inspiration in New York City’s Crosswalks

Produced by the ad agency Rooster, “These New York City Streets” is a short video about Brooklyn-based artist and school teacher Kristie Valentine, who has been creating art by tracing the cracks in crosswalks. Valentine brings a roll of paper, a drawing tool and some traffic cones for protection, capturing the uneven patterns for posterity. The artist isn’t quite sure yet what she’s creating with page after page of designs, but believes she’s building toward something.

The patterns have this beautiful organic feeling that doesn’t really reference that structure of the city, but it’s kind of my intention to make something that brings it back into that reference of where it comes from. This urban environment. I’m in the process of discovering what I’m making, and to me, that’s exciting. I don’t want to make art that I already know how to make.

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