A Charming Line of Skull-Shaped Artisan Soaps

Skull Soaps by Eden Gorgos

Artist Eden Gorgós has handcrafted a charming line of skull soaps to remind everyone of “the transient nature of earthly pleasures.” The soaps come in a variety of colors and scents, from ghoulish lavender musk to macabre lemon ginger. She has also created a diabolical Astral Goat’s Milk soap. She is pre-selling the soaps, and a companion line of lotions and scents, on Kickstarter.

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. What better way to remind yourself of the transient nature of earthly pleasures than with handmade soap? Symbolic of the brevity of life, these unique soaps are scented with the essence of citrus, earth, and sensual flowers.

Skull Soaps by Eden Gorgos

Skull Soaps by Eden Gorgos

Skull Soaps by Eden Gorgos

photos via Eden Gorgós

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‘PBS Game/Show’ Examines How Video Game Speedrunners Get So Fast

PBS Game/Show host Jamin Warren examines how video game speedrunners get so fast in the latest episode of the series. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, speedrunning is completing a video game as fast as possible–through the exploit of bugs or otherwise.

Speedrunning! The competitive genre of choice recently that’s popping up on Reddit, Twitch, YouTube, and basically anywhere you can watch video. Recently popularized by people like Cosmo through his run of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, speedrunning is becoming the next big thing (and possible foil) to most games’ competitive scenes. Instead of doing your best to play by the rules, you break them! You try and beat the game as fast as you can in an exhibition of wit, reflex, and raw talent. But how? How do people become MASTER speedrunners? And can you become one too?

Mounted Patrol Horse Goes Through Krispy Kreme Drive-Through to Publicize Their Special Olympics Fundraiser


Last week, a police mounted horse named Red enjoyed a couple of doughnuts from the Krispy Kreme drive-through in Tampa, Florida to bring attention to the 10th Annual Cops on Doughnut Shops, a fundraising campaign for Special Olympics Florida during which members of the Tampa Police Department took to the roof of the Krispy Kreme on West Kennedy Boulevard and lowered buckets for donations. In exchange, donors received a free glazed doughnut—not a bad way to help athletes get to Orlando.

The money that is raised during the two-day event is used to help athletes with intellectual disabilities participate in Olympic style sporting events during the summer. The games will be played at Disney’s Wide World of Sports this May.

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An Early Sketch Featuring Chris Farley as His Famous Motivational Speaker Character Matt Foley

“First off, I am 35 years old. I am divorced, and I live in a van down by the river!”

The Second City has uploaded an early sketch that features Chris Farley as his famous motivational speaker character Matt Foley. The sketch also stars Bob Odenkirk, who created the Matt Foley character, as a concerned father.

A version of this sketch later appeared on Saturday Night Live with Phil Hartman replacing Odenkirk as the father, Julia Sweeney as the mother, and David Spade and Christina Applegate playing the two kids.

For comparison, here is the sketch as it appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1993.

Check, A New App to Easily Track Friends’ Locations and Receive Location-Based Alerts

check app 3 check app 2
images via Check on iTunes

Check is a new app that lets users easily keep track of friends’ locations. Users can quickly glance at the app to see how far away their contacts are from their current location, and use the app to set location-based alerts for when a contact leaves or arrives at a certain place.

Check is available in the iTunes App Store.

image via Check

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Photos of an R2-D2 Action Figure Transforming and Kicking Serious ‘Star Wars’ Butt

R2-D2 Action Figure

Katuhisa Yamaguchi, a talented sculptor behind the Revoltech brand of figures, has recently taken an awesome series of photos that show a normal R2-D2 action figure transforming and kicking some serious Star Wars butt. Artoo grows muscular legs and arms at one point to save C-3PO from a ruthless Stormtrooper. He also morphs into a samurai, a chain gun-wielding droid, and more.

R2-D2 Action Figure

R2-D2 Action Figure

R2-D2 Action Figure

R2-D2 Action Figure

R2-D2 Action Figure

photos via Yamaguchi Katuhisa

via Kotaku