‘Racing Extinction’, A Spectacular Slide Show of Endangered Animals Projected Onto the Empire State Building


On August 1, 2015, the Oceanic Preservation Society in partnership with Discovery, created “Racing Extinction“, a spectacular event in which slides of endangered animals were projected onto the side of the Empire State Building. Coming from the minds of director Louie Psihoyos (The Cove) and artist Travis Threlkel of Obscura Digital, the stunning projections demonstrated just how serious the threat of extinction is to these beautiful animals.

Manta rays, 40 stories high. Blue whales swimming hundreds of feet above the city streets. The vision of Academy Award® winning, RACING EXTINCTION director Louie Psihoyos and world-renowned visual artist Travis Threlkel (Chief Creative Officer of Obscura Digital), this projection event on one of the world’s most iconic buildings will catalyze a movement to preserve the real treasure of our beautiful planet: its life. Music from RACING EXTINCTION by Academy Award® nominated composer J. Ralph.

The show also paid a heartfelt tribute to Cecil the lion.

Donations to this noble cause can be made via the Oceanic Preservation Society or through the Racing Extinction site.

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images via OPS/Racing Extinction

Robbie Maddison Rides World Famous Waves in Tahiti on a Dirt Bike With Paddle Tires

Pipe Dream” is an amazing project produced by DC Shoes where Australian motorbike stunt rider Robbie “Maddo” Maddison takes his dirt bike with paddle tires out onto the open waters in Tahiti to ride on world famous waves and glide his way to victory. The entire collection of photos from Maddison’s aquatic adventures are available to view on DC Shoe’s website.

Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream

photos by Garth Milan

via Nate Bolt

John Oliver Explores the Possibility of Washington DC Becoming a State on ‘Last Week Tonight’

John Oliver explores the possibility of the United States capital Washington, D.C. (The District of Columbia) receiving full statehood the latest episode of Last Week Tonight.

Washington DC experiences taxation without representation. It’s also missing from rhyming state songs. John Oliver and a group of singing children fix one of these problems.