Talented Pole Dancer Performs Astonishing Acrobatic Routine In an Empty Strip Club

In this slightly blurry video posted by Dj Kurvy, an incredibly talented pole dancer performs an astonishing acrobatic routine in an empty strip club.

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SciShow Explains Why Humans Yawn

In the latest SciShow, host Hank Green sets out to explain why humans — like nearly every other vertebrates — yawn. While he admits that science still isn’t entirely clear why we do it, research indicates that yawning is a built-in method our bodies have for cooling off.

Recent studies show that yawning is your body’s natural air conditioning system, bringing cool blood to chill out your overheated, overtired grey matter. Your brain actually heats up when it uses over 40-percent of your body’s metabolic energy, just like your laptop heats up when you’ve been playing video games for hours.

According to the theory, the act of yawning delivers blood to our skull by moving our jaw and helps bring fresh air into our oral cavities.

Mountain Biker Geoff Gulevich’s Insane Downhill Canyon Run Filmed on a GoPro Camera

Freeride mountain biker Geoff Gulevich captured POV footage on a GoPro camera of his insane final downhill canyon run at the 2013 Red Bull Rampage challenge in Virgin, Utah. This is the same event where biker Kelly McGarry pulled off a daring backflip over a 72-foot canyon gap.

Here is a another view of Geoff’s downhill mountain bike run:

videos via Misha Andriasyan, Red Bull Bike

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Cat Behaviorist Jackson Galaxy Talks With Li’l Bub’s Human Mike About How They Found Each Other

On a recent episode of Cat Mojo, host and cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy had a conversation with the incredibly internet-famous cat Li’l Bub and her human, Mike. The conversation between Jackson and Mike mostly focused around taking care of a cat with special needs (of which Li’l Bub is one), the relationship he has Li’l Bub and have and how they found each other.

Of all my cats, Bub is the one of the only ones who was not in a shelter. She was feral, she was born feral locally and my friend’s mom found her as a probably a one-week old kitten, a newborn with her litter mates. Bub was the only one who had any genetic weirdness (laugh) or as I like to say, magic powers. So she was the only one with magic powers but she couldn’t nurse because of her oddly shaped mouth and this woman basically bottle fed her and took care of her. No one wanted to adopt her because a – she was so small, she was half a pound at two months old…people were scared that she would cost a lot of money and/or it would be a heartbreaking experience. I saw her as the most remarkable little animal I’d ever seen…I just found the perfect cat for me.

Lil Bub

photo via Lil Bub

WordPress 3.9, Featuring Better Visual Editing and Audio and Video Playlists

WordPress 3.9 “Smith” has been released with a series of improvements such as better visual editing, gallery updates, audio and video playlists, and widget previews. WordPress 3.9 “Smith” is named after jazz organist Jimmy Smith. The latest version of WordPress is available for download at WordPress.org.

Game of Thrones Medley, The Houses of Westeros Sing Their Hearts Out in a ‘Game of Thrones’ Music Video Parody

The Warp Zone has created the “Game of Thrones Medley,” a Game of Thrones music video parody that shows members from “the major houses of Westeros singing their hearts out.” Each house sings their own original lyrics to popular songs, such as: “Titanium” by David Guetta feat. Sia (House Targaryen), “Roar” by Katy Perry (House Lannister), “The Monster” by Eminem (House Stark), and “Demons” by Imagine Dragons (All Houses).

Game of Thrones Medley

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Schadenfreezers, Deliciously Mean-Spirited Popsicle Stick Jokes


Schadenfreezers is a hilariously awful series of popsicle stick jokes by Matt Moore and Jason Kreher, a pair of ad creatives at Wieden and Kennedy in Portland. At present, the Schadenfreezers exist only as GIFs, though the duo has mocked up a slick package for their evil popsicles. They talk about the project in this Adweek interview.

The strawberry, blueberry and lemon-flavored joy derived from the suffering of others.






images via Matt Moore and Jason Kreher

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