Lexus Teases a Luxury-Built Hoverboard Using Magnetic Levitation and Nitrogen-Cooled Superconductors

lexus hoverboard

Lexus has teased a luxury-built hoverboard called the Slide that they claim floats using magnetic levitation and nitrogen-cooled superconductors. The hoverboard is seen floating without a rider in a teaser video, and in a separate video, professional skateboarder Ross McGouran talks about what it’s like riding the device.

The Slide hoverboard is built from many of the same materials as Lexus cars, and the company promises to show it in action with McGouran riding on August 5, 2015.

photo via Lexus International

The Radiant Madonna, A Giant Mural in Brooklyn Portraying the Virgin Mary Cradling a Keith Haring Figure

Radiant Madonna
image via The Bushwick Collective

New Zealand street artist Owen Dippie, the incredible mind behind the Renaissance Mutant Ninja Turtles mural, recently created “The Radiant Madonna“, a giant mural that features the Virgin Mary cradling a distinctive Keith Haring figure on the side of a Brooklyn building. Dippie explained the concept behind the mural, which was done in cooperation with the Bushwick Collective, “If art is a religion then Keith Haring is a god”.

Radiant Madonna Clear
image via Owen Dipple

BW Radiant Madonna
image via Owen Dipple

Radiant Madonna Side
image via Ja-Mei Or

via Owen Dippie

The Random User, A Robotic Computer Mouse With an Artificial Finger That Clicks Around the Internet Randomly

The Random User is a robotic computer mouse with an artificial finger built by design studio Monobo that clicks around the Internet randomly. The device is a comment about online identity and the way behavior is tracked online.

A vintage intervened mouse that browse internet randomly, without control. A special user who does not attend UX strategies, CTAs, quality content …
This small desktop experiment explores the identity on the Internet theories and the “Google Analytics” world.

the random user 1

the random user 2

the random user 3

images via Prosthetic Knowledge

via Prosthetic Knowledge

Tabtag, Creative Glowing MacBook Stickers That Use the Illuminated Apple Logo as a Light Source


Tabtags are a creative series of removable and reusable glowing stickers, made by a skilled group of Vienna, Austria-based designers, that use the illuminated Apple logo on a MacBook lid as a light source. Tabtags were funded through Kickstarter, thanks to all of their generous backers. The collection of stickers are available to purchase online from the Tabtag website.


Sunny Side Up

Full Moon



images via tabtag

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The Cast and Crew of ‘Seinfeld’ Discuss the Making of the Iconic Episode ‘The Parking Garage’

The cast and crew of Seinfeld discuss the making of the iconic episode “The Parking Garage” from the show’s third season in a clip from the special features included with the show’s DVD release. The video features interviews with co-creators Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, Seinfeld’s co-stars of the episode Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards, and other members of the crew as they discuss what went into making the episode, and why it stands out among the show’s 180 episodes.

The entire Seinfeld series was recently added to the Hulu library, and is available to stream.

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Understanding How and Why Cats Communicate In the Manner In Which They Do

The latest video in the Science of Us series by New York Magazine focuses on how cats communicate and why they communicate in the manner in which they do.

Rather, there’s a growing belief that cats are as expressive as dogs, argues Sharon Crowell-Davis, a professor of veterinary behavior at the University of Georgia, who recently gave a presentation on the subject at a conference for cat behaviorists in Atlanta. It’s just that we misunderstand or don’t see what they’re trying to communicate.

A Full Service Cafe in Tokyo, Japan That Caters Exclusively to Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animal Cafe

While cat cafes, owl cafes and even dog cafes are all the rage in Japan, the proprietors of Yawarakan’s Cafe in Tokyo has cornered the market on an obscure but marketable idea – a full-service restaurant and hotel for stuffed animals. No human food is served nor are there any human accommodations, rather the cafe offers an opportunity for a person’s favorite stuffed animal to get the royal treatment. The beloved plushy is sent via overnight mail and returns with photos and other goodies from their overnight adventure. Reservations are filling up despite the fact that the cafe only opened yesterday.

Meals 2

images via Yawarakan’s Cafe

via AT Press, RocketNews24