Rage Room, A Facility in Toronto Where People Can Relieve Stress and Anxiety by Destroying Breakable Items

The Rage Room is a special facility at Battle Sport Inc. in Toronto, Ontario where people can relieve their stress, anxiety, and unbridled rage by shattering “breakable items, and unleash an unrelenting wave of destruction!” Finding and booking a time slot for some cost effective anger management is available on their website.

The Battle Sports Rage Room is one of the most cost effective (and unique) alternatives for stress relief. Aristotle believed in the concept of catharsis. Freud also believed that letting out negative feelings reduced aggression. Aggressive sports such as kickboxing are known to relieve stress and leave participants more in control of their emotions and anger. No matter your background or walk of life, everybody is susceptible to anger, and the Rage Room is a great way to manage that anger.

What You Get:

$20 gets you 30 mins in the Rage Room with the following items below and we have a Rage Room Smash Menu for you to check out.

Rage room

Rage room

images via Battle Sports Inc.

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A Lone Marmot Sits Upright to Emit Ear Piercing Screams Atop a Mountain in British Columbia

A lone marmot climbed atop a wooden fence on Blackcomb Peak near Whistler, British Columbia, sat upright and let out a couple of ear piercing screams. The mountain-dwelling squirrel probably wanted to warn others that the humans of Lone Goat Soap were nearby and filming.

Alpine marmots emit variable alarm calls when they encounter humans, dogs, and several species of aerial predators. The first part of the study involved observations and manipulations designed to document contextual variation in alarm calls. Alarm calls varied along several acoustic parameters, but only along one that we examined, the number of notes per call, was significantly correlated with the type of external stimulus.

YouTuber Homar Sánchez has created a couple of amusing mashups that incorporate the “screaming marmot” footage.

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Beatboxing Saxophonist Flawlessly Performs the Prelude to ‘Bach Cello Suite No. 1’ Inside an Empty Warehouse

Derek Brown, a talented saxophonist with beatboxing skills, performed a flawless version of the Prelude to “Bach Cello Suite No. 1 in G major” inside the empty Lucky Buck warehouse in Hillsdale, Michigan, somehow making his tenor horn sound just like a stringed instrument. Brown, who also goes by the name BEATBoX SAX, offers online tutorials, thoroughly explaining his techniques in depth.

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Photographer Tapes Superman Toy to Drone and Captures Footage of the Superhero Flying Over Victoria Park in London

Hackney, London-based photographer Barry Craig of Digital Giant recently duct taped a Superman toy to the front of his Phantom 3 drone and recorded footage of the Man of Steel flying over Victoria Park.

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