‘A Tax on Bunny Rabbits’, An Animated Text-Based Short Film About Rabbits and Robots

“A Tax on Bunny Rabbits” is a short film directed by Riotsquad artist Nathanial Akin that follows a conflict between rabbits and robots through entirely text-based animation. The short debuted at the Ottawa International Animation Festival back in 2011 and is now available in its entirety online.

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Pee-wee Herman Launches a New Blog With Optional VIP Premium Diamond Platinum Club Membership

Pee Wee

Pee-wee Herman has launched a new blog that features an optional VIP Premium Diamond Platinum Club membership. When applying for the free VIP membership, users are encouraged to share things like their favorite hobby, shoe size, and even write an essay to Pee-wee.


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An Explanation for Where Birds Disappear to During the Winter Months

It’s Okay to be Smart (previously) host Joe Hanson marks the coming of winter by explaining why birds in the northern hemisphere disappear when it starts to get cold outside. The migratory patterns we now understand weren’t always recognized by the scientific community.

In 1703 [Charles Morton] published a pamphlet claiming that the reason some birds disappear during the winter is because they were vacation on the moon. It really puts the “loon” in “lunar.”

First-Person Video of a Death-Defying Free Climb Up a 919-Foot Chimney in Romania

Juggler and daredevil Flaviu Cernescu attached an action camera to his head and captured a free climb up a 919-foot chimney belonging to the CET Pitest energy company in Pitesti, Romania, which ranks as one of the tallest structures in the entire country. The truly nerve-wracking portion occurs when Cernescu walks across the top of the chimney’s flue.

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Gory Super Slow Motion Video of Fly Being Zapped by an Electric Bug Zapper Tennis Racket

Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy of The Slow Mo Guys (previously) have turned their Phantom Flex camera on an tennis racket bug zapper, watching the pest control instrument go to work on a house fly in super slow motion. The results aren’t pretty.

We’ve literally decapitated something for the first time on Slow Mo Guys.

‘TURKEY DUBSTEP’, A Short Animation Featuring Two Turkeys Dropping Some Sick Beats

“TURKEY DUBSTEP” is a short animation by UK-based WHITEROBOT–a creative duo composed of Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson–that features two turkeys dropping some sick beats. The original 2012 animation was followed by a second one later that year, which is also available to purchase as a single on iTunes.

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GoPro Reportedly Developing Consumer Video Drones for Sale in Late 2015

Popular action camera producer GoPro will reportedly be branching out into the world of consumer UAVs according to sources at The Wall Street Journal. There aren’t too many details about the plan at the moment, but the company, which is reportedly planning to debut the high-definition camera-sporting multirotor quadcopters in late 2015, could be looking to compete directly with drone makers who have begun to produce their own cameras.

GoPro may be hedging against a business it could be losing; the world’s biggest consumer drone maker, SZ DJI Technology Co. of China, recently started selling devices that come with its own in-house cameras. Other drone makers could stop supporting GoPro devices if they are competing head-to-head with the camera maker.