MyoWare, Stick-On Muscle Sensors for Controlling Electronics Projects and Prosthetics

myoware 1

MyoWare is a system of stick-on muscle sensors from Advancer Technologies that can be used to control electronics projects. The company is raising money to bring the fourth generation of the sensors to market through a Kickstarter campaign, and as a demonstration of what type of projects the sensors can be used for, Advancer Technologies founder Brian Kaminski demonstrates a set of Wolverine claws triggered by the sensors.

Advancer Technologies is also a sponsor of Limbitless Solutions, an organization that works to deliver 3D-printed myoelectric prosthetic arms to children in need. Actor Robert Downey Jr. recently delivered an Iron Man-themed arm featuring the MyoWare sensors to a seven-year-old boy.

Advancer is also going to be developing a series of add-on shields that offer additional functionality, and they have made their hardware open source to allow others to build on what they’ve created.

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images via MyoWare

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Found Pieces of Driftwood Creatively Transformed Into Colorful Superhero, Viking, Fisherman, and Farmer Figures


French artist Anna Foucher has created Boud’Bois, a wonderful series in which she transforms found pieces of driftwood into wonderfully fun figures such as Batman, Robin, and Darth Vader along with assorted vikings, fishermen, and farmers.

(translated) The Boud’Bois arise from driftwood picked up at the water’s edge to the likings of walks, trips. More than just a piece of tree, driftwood, this lost wood, worn by water is the result of nature; he has a story to tell …It is this history that I unveil the sculpture, painting. Inspired by the comic, I made a cheerful style, humorous and naive. Designed alone or in pairs, each character is unique.

Joker Progression

Darth Vader

Darth Vader Side

One Legged Fisherman

Vikings and Farmer


images via Anna Foucher

via Recycle Art

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Plays Different Members of the Supreme Court in a Comedy Sketch About Marriage Equality

Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) plays different members of the Supreme Court in a comedy sketch to promote his Tie the Knot charity’s campaign to have couples send save the date cards for their same-sex marriages to the court.

Ferguson portrays Justices Alito, Roberts, Kagan, and Ginsburg as they call each other to figure out why they’ve been invited to so many weddings and hatch a plan to score free cake.

Tie the Knot has put up a site where users can create special save the date cards in a variety of styles to send to their favorite Justice.

save the date

save the date 2

save the date 3

images via Supreme Save the Date

Glove and Boots Product Test Four Items That They Found at Local Dollar Stores

In their latest episode of Glove and Boots, Internet puppets Fafa the Groundhog and Mario product test (previously) four items that they found while looking around at a few local dollar stores. They compare “crappy cups” from the dollar store to more expensive red Solo cups, the duo shares their thoughts on the quality of dollar store action figures, and more.

‘American Ultra’, A Film About a Stoner Who Is a Brainwashed Sleeper Agent Being Hunted by the Government

Lionsgate has released the first official trailer for American Ultra, an upcoming action comedy film directed by Nima Nourizadeh and written by Max Landis. The movie follows a stoner named Mike Howell (Jesse Eisenberg)–who is also a brainwashed sleeper agent–and his girlfriend Phoebe Larson (Kristen Stewart). The couple’s simplistic, drug-filled lives are quickly turned upside down when government agents set out to eliminate Howell and he must somehow rise to the occasion. American Ultra is scheduled roll into theaters on August 21, 2015.

A stoner and his girlfriend’s sleepy, small-town existence is disrupted when his past comes back to haunt him in the form of a government operation set to wipe him out.

American Ultra

American Ultra

images via American Ultra

A Beautifully Arranged Collection of Colorful Library Books Faded by the Sun

Out of Order book rainbow

Out of Order by Laurenz Brunner and Marianne Vierø is a collection of patterns found at the Gerrit Rietveld Library in Amsterdam. The most stunning pattern they found is a collection of 53 books, each with a gradated color cover faded by the sun. The grouping of titles of books never borrowed from the library is an interesting read as well.

photo via Marianne Vierø

via The Chromologist, Multnomah County Library

San Francisco Artist Creates an Interactive Pyrotechnic Dance Floor for a Fiery Absolut Event in South Africa

San Francisco artist (and Laughing Squid friend) Charlie Gadeken was recently commissioned by Absolut to create a uniquely pyrotechnic dance floor for their Absolut Nights series. The event took place in a glass cube that was temporarily placed in Bushveld of Johannesburg, South Africa.

In the bushveld of Johannesburg, Absolut joined forces with fire artist, Charlie Gadeken and put the power back in the party people’s hands with a new, smokin’ hot clubbing experience. Inside the club – in this instance, a giant cube made from glass and mirror – participants transformed the night by busting some moves and triggering the dance floor with their feet. The result? A pyrotechnic display where the desert landscape outside became engulfed by an explosive mixture of smoke, sparks and colour.

via R.R. Mutt

A Handy Hot Dog Style Guide Visualizing the Different Ways People Eat Frankfurters Around the World

Hot Dog Style Guide

Jess Kapadia of Food Republic and artist Mike Houston have created a handy guide visualizing 40 different ways that people eat their frankfurters around the world.

It’s not just a sausage in a bun; it’s a beautiful blank canvas. It’s a hot dog, which is a foodstuff eaten worldwide. Here are 40 distinctive varieties from around the globe — from iconic NYC “dirty water dogs” to fully loaded South American street-cart dogs to Japanese octo-dogs. There is a tubesteak out there for every craving that ever was.

Hot Dog Style Guide

images via Food Republic

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