Benny the English Bulldog Puppy Plays A Very Slow Game of Peek-A-Boo with His Human

In February 2013, when Benny the Bulldog was just a wee puppy, he played a very slow game of of peek-a-boo with his human.

Popular YouTube Video of a Deer Encounter With a Cat ‘Translated’ to Reveal What the Deer Are Saying

Comedian Chris Cohen has released a “translated” version of the popular YouTube video “Cat vs. Deer” in which he added a voice track of what the group of deer are saying. Surprisingly, they’re discussing the recent Guardians of the Galaxy films before they encounter the cat, or as they refer to it, “a tiny white deer.”

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Frustrated Father Creates Instructional Video to Teach His Teenage Children How to Change the Toilet Paper Roll

“Obviously me telling them face-to-face is not working, so I’ve tried to be creative.”

Frustrated father Will Reid was tired of repeatedly telling his two teenage children to change the toilet paper roll, so he got creative and made an instructional how-to video to teach them how it’s done. He even includes the advanced technique of throwing the old roll away, even though he doesn’t think his own kids are quite ready for that yet. Reid says this is the first in a series of instructional videos for his children.

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Mental Floss Explains How Regular Coffee Beans Are Decaffeinated In Their New Series ‘The Big Question’

In the first episode of the new Mental Floss video series “The Big Question”, host Craig Benzine answers the reader question, “How do they make decaf coffee when the caffeine is in the bean?” There are several methods for removing caffeine, but none of them work at 100-percent efficiency.

The decaffeination process doesn’t remove 100-percent of caffeine from coffee beans; usually 94 to 98-percent is removed.