Leatherdos, A Multi-Function Multi-Tool Metal Hair Clip


Leatherdos is a multi-function utilitarian metal clip that functions as a screw driver, wrench, trolley coin, ruler and saw that was created by designer Yaacov Goldberg, a student in the department of Industrial Design at Holon Institute of Technology. Although the Leatherdos was originally designed to hold in place a kippah (traditional head cap worn by Jewish men), it can easily work as a hair clip or even be attached to a key chain so that it’s readily available.

Leatherdos can be purchased at Monkey Business or through Amini Causa for less than $10.

Leatherdos Key Chain

Leatherdos Hair Tools

Can Opener

Leatherdos Wrench

Leatherdos Carrot

via Gizmodo

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