Artist Creates Elegant Human Temple Out of 17 Body Painted Circus Performers and Dancers

Human Temple by Trina Merry

New York City-based body painting artist Trina Merry has created a human Tibetan-style temple made up of 17 naked circus performers and dancers painted in elegant reds and golds in order raise awareness and funds for “Beyond The Four Walls“, an organization that seeks to empower the women of Nepal.

Nepal is the only country in the world where women have a shorter life expectancy then men. Many young girls are either sold into slavery to pay off family debts or married off as young as age nine. Women are responsible for all the hard labor and domestic duties of the house. Only 1% of women in Nepal attend college. Violent acts against women have been well documented in recent news in southeast Asia. Merry hopes to bring awareness and compassion by creating this eye-catching art piece and tangible supplies like laptops and smart phones to these internet cafes when she and her team perform in Nepal in November. She and her Silicon Valley based team will be teaching practical skills on entrepreneurship, online marketing and business skills as well as fun hands on art and dance classes for these women to encourage and empower these promising next generation of talented women.

The temple is currently being shown at the WORKS San Jose for a co-exhibition experiment with artist Theresa Because in San Jose, California. Donations for Trina’s trip to Nepal can be made here.

Partially Painted Temple

Trina and Performer

Trina With Temple

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