Zombie Brains Wall Poster

Zombie Brains Wall Poster at ThinkGeek

The Zombie “Brains” Wall Poster from ThinkGeek is a humorous political design based off of the iconic Barack Obama “Hope” poster created by Shepard Fairey. 24″ x 36″ Zombie “Brains” prints are available to purchase at ThinkGeek.

We feel like this whenever we watch political ads and cable news: like we’re having about brain devoured! So this poster has a special place in our hearts — a political poster about brains! Tasty, tasty brains is a platform we can all get behind, whether we’re pro- or anti-undead!

Support the Zombie Civil Liberties Union by hanging this poster on your wall. Take a stand for the deliciousness of brains! Show that you don’t want to outsource our ravenous eternal hunger for cranium-meat! Let’s have four years of a zombie apocalypse!

Justin Page
Justin Page

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