Zen Work Pod, A Backyard Home Office That Provides a Private Space While Working From Home

Autonomous Zen Work Pod

The Zen Work Pod by office specialists Autonomous is a well appointed backyard office space that sits independently from a residence, providing a dedicated private space away from household distractions, yet close enough to still work from home. It comes furnished with strategic and necessary storage, an Autonomous SmartDesk 2, an Autonomous Kinn Chair, and lots of windows for natural light to come in.

All creators & freelancers who work from home know that maintaining focus, energy, & workflow can be challenging. The Zen Work Pod is an exciting, fresh solution completely redefining the home office, providing maximum focus during every working hour. The ultimate private workspace built just for you.

Autonomous Zen Pod Backyard

Autonomous Zen Pod Desk

Autonomous Zen Pod Fence

Autonomous Zen Pod Night

Autonomous Zen Pod Side

Autonomous Zen Pod Corner

via The Awesomer