You Might Be a Monster! A Live and in 3D Show by Attaboy


You Might Be a Monster! Live and in 3D! is a live two-night only show in San Francisco based on the new book by Attaboy, You Might Be a Monster and Other Stories I Made Up which we posted about in June 2011. The show happens October 13 and 20, 2011 at San Francisco venue, The Dark Room Theater.

Attaboy’s new book get brought to life with: Live acts, puppets, dramatic readings, mean flowers, sock magnets, dancers, and a song about hugging a cactus.

It features a great lineup of performers including Attaboy, Bryce Byerley, Damien Chacona, Jim Fourniadis, Sean Kelly, our very own Mikl-Em, Dr. Hal Robins and Christina Shonkwiler. Props for the show are painted by artist KRK Ryden. Retro go-go dance troupe, The Devil-Ettes, will perform as special guests at the October 13 performance.

image by Attaboy