Yardsale, An Easy-To-Use iOS App For Buying & Selling Things


Yardsale is an iOS location-based app for buying and selling things easily. To sell something, simply take some photos of the item using the app, describe it, name a price, and post it. The best part is that once it’s posted, it automatically creates a local Craigslist listing for your item. If you’d like to buy something using the app, you can scroll through local listings on your iOS device. There’s even a haggle option.

For more in-depth information, Drew Olanoff of The Next Web has written an great review of the app and the San Francisco-based company behind it. He points out that one of the people involved in making this app is Revision3 co-founder David Prager. Yardsale is available to download at the iTunes store.

As someone who buys and sells a good amount of vintage items, I decided to give the app a quick test. It is not only intuitive, it has got to be the simplest way to put something up for sale locally using an iPhone. Here’s a screenshot of a Sascha Bartoff plate that I used as a test sale:

Yardsale app

Here’s a screenshot of some items available for sale within 25 miles of my current location:

Yardsale app

images via Rusty Blazenhoff

via The Next Web