Yahoo! Hack Day

I’m hanging out at Yahoo! Hack Day, an overnight coding and camping event taking place at the Yahoo! campus in Sunnyvale. Yes, geeks from all over North America will be pitching tents on the nicely manicured Yahoo! lawn. Previously, Hack Day, has been an internal event only, for Yahoo! engineers and developers, but this time the event’s host, Yahoo! Developer Network, is opening it up to the outside as well, which I think is a really smart move by them. The speaker and workshop schedule is quite impressive. Of course I’m shooting photos of this massive geekfest.

Photos from Yahoo! Hack Day

For more photos, check out the HackDay06: The Flickr Stream.

Yahoo! Hack Day drinking game: take one drink whenever someone says API

UPDATE 1: The rumors are true, Beck is tonight’s surprise musical performer at the Hack Day party.

UPDATE 2: Here are my photos of Beck’s amazing show.

UPDATE 3: Hack Day was a huge success. Yahoo!, along with Hack Day organizers Bradley Horowitz, Chad Dickerson, Kent Brewster, Jeremy Zawodny and the rest of the crew did an outstanding job with this event and have raised the bar quite a bit.

photos by Scott Beale

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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