A Pair of Gorgeous Russian Blue Cats With Hypnotic Green Eyes Who Like to Stick Out Their Tongues

Xafi and Auri are two absolutely gorgeous American-style Russian Blue cats who live in Reading, England with their beloved humans and their little feline brother Errol, a beautiful red Somali. While not twins, Xafi and Auri both have the same lithe build, round ears, hypnotic ocean green eyes and mellow personalities.

Both Auri and Xafi are so-called “American Type” Russian Blue Cats. Russian Blue cats are pedigree cats known for their short, dense and silver-tipped “blue” coat, vivid green eyes and enigmatic smile. …In general Russian Blue Cats are known for their gentle, intelligent and independent nature. They are avid shoulder riders and many learn to play fetch like a puppy. Instead of meowing they often chirp but are generally rather quiet cats.

This loving pair also likes to stick their tongues out at each other. Sometimes Errol will even join them in their favorite pastime.

They also enjoy cuddling close together with each other.

via My Modern Met