WTF is Cosplay?, Nerdist Channel Takes a Closer Look at Cosplay

Filmmaker Todd Bieber directed WTF is Cosplay?, the debut episode of Nerdist Channel’s web series, Just Cos NYCC. In this episode, Chloe Dykstra, Linda Le, and Seth Herzog take a closer look at the world of cosplay at New York Comic Con. The video was co-produced with Broadway Video.

Dan Casey of Nerdist recently interviewed Chloe Dykstra, Linda Le and Seth Herzog about Just Cos:

How did you get involved in cosplaying? Seth, we know you make a damn fine Wonder Woman.

LL: At an early age – my mother was a seamstress in Oklahoma, so I grew up with at least 6 industrial sewing machines in my household. I grew a long affair with making clothes out of scraps my mom usually would toss away. I would also play box Transformers cosplay with my brother. We didn’t have much growing up, so we were pretty much tiny MacGyvers, doing anything geeky with what we had.

SH: Yes, that’s correct. I do make a fantastic Wonder Woman (there might be more pictures online of me in that outfit, than the superhero herself). I had never dressed up for comic conventions before, but I spent almost my whole life dressing up and performing on stage in different ways.

CD: I started cosplaying kind of by accident – my boyfriend at the time and I wanted to dress up as Zoey and Louis from Left 4 Dead for Halloween, and we got progressively crazier about the authenticity of the costumes as we put them together. We even ended up making beeping pipe bombs. Also, previously, I’d thrown together a costume as Gabe from Penny Arcade for New York Comic Con, which I guess was technically my first cosplay. It certainly wasn’t my best.

In Episode 2 of Just Cos NYCC, Chloe “pits cosplayers against each other for a costume on costume matchup”:

Thanks to Todd Bieber for the tip!