Georgia Dentist Sets Record for World’s Largest Toothpaste Tube Collection

Val Kolpakov, a dentist from Alpharetta, Georgia, set the unique record for the largest collection of toothpaste tubes. Kolpakov told Guinness World Records that he started this growing collection of 2,037 tubes out of professional curiosity.

I started my collection in 2001 to learn more as a dentist about all available toothpastes on the market…Soon I realized that this is a very interesting hobby and tried to collect some old toothpastes and tubes from other countries.

Kolpakov also talked about the wide assortment of toothpastes in his collection, particularly those with unusual flavors and/or ingredients.

My favorite ones… It’s a set of whiskey flavored. It’s rye, scotch and bourbon. Don’t brush and drive…These are German toothpastes dug out from trenches of World War Two. I consider this one of the most unusual ones because the toothpaste called Doramad is radioactive. It did have a radioactive compound, thorium, because back then people believed that radioactive compounds revive your tissues and it’s good for your skin, for your teeth. Nihilist toothpaste.

He also has a tube of Brenner’s toothpaste, a brand that doesn’t exist in the real world.

There is no such brand..It was made specifically for the series Prison Break – it was used with phosphoric acid inside the tube to corrode the pipes, and that would help them to escape…