Woodworker Fixes and Rebuilds His Damaged Screen Door With Creativity and Stop Motion

Woodworker Frank Howarth of Frank Makes fixed and rebuilt elements of his damaged screen door in a video that used creative camera techniques like time lapse and stop motion. Howarth replaced the ripped screen, crafted a beautiful starburst design to replace the old screen protector, and made a few other fixes.

Our screen door needed some attention. It needed a new screen, the screen door protector was coming apart, and the door did not close properly in the door frame. I removed the screen door and brought it to the wood shop. I removed the screen and repaired a damaged section in one corner of the door frame. I cut a thin strip off the bottom of the door so it would fit properly in the door opening. I made a new screen door protector out of walnut. The protector is a series of horizontal strips with two walnut, wood turned starbursts.

In the past we have covered Howarth’s work like his self-assembling book shelves and table saw.