A Charming Stop Motion Animation of Bookcases Magically Building Themselves in a Wood Shop

A set of four wooden bookcases magically build themselves in a wood shop in this charming stop motion animation by woodworker and filmmaker Frank Howarth. In addition to being a very entertaining work of animation, the video doubles as a surprisingly fascinating step-by-step demonstration of how to make a bookcase.

This is the fully animated story of making four bookcases. The four cases are made from two pieces of walnut veneer plywood with almost no waste. The base for the cases is made from solid walnut with mitered corners The bookcases are 33 inches tall and 47 inches wide. The finish is wipe on polyurethane. They fit under and within the spacing of the windows in the living room.

I shot approximately 11,700 frames for this animation and used roughly 6,400 of them. I worked on this project intermittently from the 5th of January to 1st of March, 2014.

via The Kid Should See This

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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