Ohio Woodworker Builds Beautiful Curved Backyard Bar for Squirrels With a Wide Variety of Nuts on Tap

Ohio woodworker Michael Dutko of Duke Harmon Woodworking determined that squirrels wouldn’t be stealing all the bird food if they had a dedicated feeder, so he built for them a beautiful curved custom bar. This “Nutty Bar” features plenty of room for any visiting Sciuridae to sidle up for a snack from one of seven taps that feature such varietals as “Cashew Dunkel”, “Peanut Pilsner”, “Almond Ale”, “Pistachio Pale Ale”, “Walnut Stout”, “Sunflower Saison”, and “Pecan Porter”.

Squirrels are people too. They’re just stealing the birdseed because they don’t have anywhere else to go. So let’s give them somewhere to go. Let’s build them a squirrel bar. …Building a squirrel bar is traditionally done looking like a box. I wanted to do something different

The Nutty Bar

Squirrel Bar The Nutty Bar

The Nutty Bar for Squirrels