A Hypnotic Song Played Upon Wooden Tongue Drums

Tyrone Douglas, a very talented musician in Decatur, Alabama, performed “Water Drops”, a gorgeous, hypnotic song played upon a wooden tongue drum. The song is from his album Tongue Drum and was the only complete album of songs played on this beautiful, percussion instrument.

“Tongue Drum” is the first of its kind to my knowledge being that it’s a total solo wooden Tongue Drum CD. …The scales of the drums on this CD are A minor, C major and G major …The wooden Tongue Drum is a beautiful, amazingly warm, and harmonic instrument

Douglas released a second album entitled Tongue Drum 2 in March 2017.

Douglas’ tongue drum was built by Steve Roberts of Boxed Music and is called as such for the individual keys (tongues) that make up the scale.

A serious musical instrument that’s fun to play and great to look at. …We tune each key, or tongue, to create a scale that can be played with mallets or by hand. Distinctly melodic, they can be played alone or blended with other instruments. An onstage eye-catcher for the performance musician or a living room conversation piece for the art lover, our drums are limited only by the imagination.