Kindhearted Woman Removes a Plastic Jar Stuck On a Stubborn Baby Fox’s Head

Jenny Adleman, a kindhearted woman named in San Francisco, caught sight of a young fox kit whose head was stuck inside a plastic peanut butter jar. Despite the obvious discomfort and the inability to eat or drink, the vulpine youngster remained wary of human interference and avoided contact. With some patience and the use of humane tools, the woman was able to remove the jar and reunite the little fox with mom.

A peanut butter jar almost killed this baby fox. I spent 3 days trying to capture him since he couldn’t get the jar off himself. I had about 20 failed attempts and it was breaking my heart to see him suffering. Without food and water for 3 full days, I was worried he wouldn’t last much longer. Luckily, I was able to borrow a net on the 3rd day and finally catch him.

This adorable litter of foxes lives underneath Adleman’s deck.