A Woman Escapes War in Ukraine With Her Cat and Now She Has a Constant Travel Companion

Dancer Jennifer Shyshkina and her outdoor-loving cat Simba travel everywhere together after escaping the war in Ukraine and landing in the South of France.

Cat escapes war in Ukraine and starts over on the French Riviera with Mom.

Shyshkina explains that she adopted Simba from the street in the autumn of 2021 and since that time Simba has been her biggest supporter during some of the worst events of her life.

From the very beginning Simba was the biggest sweetheart and support in my life. This boy has helped me to handle mentally the 4-year relationship breakup and then the beginning of the war. Can’t be more thankful.

At first, Simba didn’t like the outdoors but learned to walk on a leash easily. This helped them to escape a war-torn nation, emigrate to a new country, and travel as much as they can. As it turns out, Simba prefers being outside and will let his human know when it’s time to go.

Now he is an adventurous cat, that loves to spend time outside and walk on leash as a doggo. Knowing that if there’s a car driving he stays behind my legs. Knowing that if he stuck on tree, he can just fall from it and I will always catch him.