Generous Woman Cleans Public Places for Free

A professional cleaner known as The Clean Girl very generously scrubs and tidies public spaces and random items for free. So far, she’s cleaned a skate park, a city park, a littered beachfront, a memorial park, and various unattended gravesites. She’s also really good at bringing discarded toys back to their original condition.

She and her friend rescued an abandoned puppy during one of their cleanups.

She’s also gone into fast food joints to clean their bathrooms.

As I’m knee-deep in my cleaning frenzy, I start experimenting with some cleaning hacks using McDonald’s menu items…. But here’s where the twist comes in – I get kicked out of the McDonald’s bathroom

While this restaurant kicked her out for cleaning their bathroom, Clean Girl moved on and found a way to turn it into a positive experience.

I set my sights on another McDonald’s location. And guess what? …. The staff at this McDonald’s, …welcomed me with open arms and were thrilled to have me clean their bathroom. But the kindness didn’t stop there. Inspired by the love I received from McDonald’s, I decided to spread the joy further. I bought a hundred delicious burgers and decided to give them away to strangers, turning their day into something special.

Yeah, the world needs more people like The Clean Girl.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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