Compassionate Woman Cares for the Baby Caterpillars From a Giant Moth Who Sought Her Protection

A woman named Tala, who once feared flying insects, found herself the caretaker of over 200 eggs laid by a giant female Polyphemus moth who briefly sought her protection.

She didn’t move much, just sat in one place. I just kind of got comfortable. I just wasn’t expecting her to look that cute I think she had just came out of her cocoon and was drying her wings. She stood on my hand the entire day

The moth, who had been knocked to the ground by a strong breeze, was having a bit of trouble standing upright and Tala literally lent a hand. The moth stayed on Tala’s hand and arm much of the day and when it was time for Tala to go in, she put the moth onto an outside plant to keep her safe from predators. The next day she found the moth with a male of the species. The moth eventually took off but left behind 200 eggs in Tala’s care.

I felt like she meant for me to raise them. I did some research out of a hundred caterpillars only one would make it to adulthood and I really wanted to make sure that all 200 eggs made it.

180 of the eggs hatched. Tala planned to release them into the wild once they were fully formed, though it appears that some decided to stay behind. This experience really changed Tala’s perspective about other creatures.

I was not expecting a moth to change my whole life. I’m hoping that I could help people change their minds about moths and hopefully other insects.