Woman Born Without Arms Takes Viewers on Blind Date

Inga Petry, a young woman who was born without arms and studies at the University of Pittsburgh, allowed the cameras of Truly to accompany her as she went on a blind date with a med student named Justin.

Today we see Inga go on her first blind date with Dustin who is also on his first ever blind date. Will the two hit it off and will sparks fly?

She even dressed in a short sleeve shirt so that her date could see that she didn’t have arms.

Ready for a blind date. The outfit that I’m wearing shows my shoulders so that my date will know that I don’t have arms. 

Justin, who is interested in psychiatry, was very open about his curiosity and wasn’t afraid to ask Inga questions. The two seemed to really hit it off, and they both thought the other was really cute. They both hoped to see each other again. No matter the future, Inga had some very wise words for dating.

Dating is supposed to be like light and fun and so you know, even if you do like have a disability or something that you’re self-conscious of, just be willing and open to… Just not take yourself too seriously and just find those little pockets of joy and just being able to connect with another person.

Woman Born Without Arms Blind Date
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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