Generous Woman Adopts a Tiny Muscovy Duckling Who Was Rejected by Her Mother

GeoBeats Animals met with Erin Amadon, a generous soul who adopted a newly-hatched Muscovy duckling who had been rejected by her mother. Amadon had discovered this duckling by accident after the mother had already left the nest.

…there were many unhatched eggs, so on my way back through I stopped at the nest, just to confirm they were all duds. Well! It’s a good thing I did because this little bugger was actively hatching!!! It hatched a full day after the rest of the clutch.  tried for hours to get mama to go back to her nest. …At sundown, baby was still resting and mama wanted nothing to do with it. I knew it wouldn’t survive the night and my conscious just wouldn’t let me ignore it. 

The duckling, whom she named Bea, is now Amadon’s constant companion, following her all over the house. When Amadon discovered that Bea had trouble walking due to splayed legs, Amadon made a homemade splint that allowed the duckling to walk without issue.

Bea comes running whenever Amadon calls her and has become friends with one of Amadon’s dogs and cats. Amadon is also socializing Bea with Blanche and Dorothy, adult Muscovy ducks who live on her property.

Every day I have been working to have her spend time with two other ducks. their names are Blanche and Dorothy. they live in my backyard. When she sees them she runs to greet them, so my hope is that the more acclimated she gets around them the easier it will be to transition her from inside outside.

Until then, however, Amadon is happy to keep Bea close.