Wolf Puppy Is Unsuccessful in His Attempts to Become Friends with a Stubborn Ram

A rescued wolf puppy named Lorne, who has since recovered from the emergency surgery that needed to take place when he accidentally swallowed a metal slip lead, is unsuccessful in his attempts to become friends with a very stubborn and dominating ram who wants no part of the puppy’s playful antics. According to the amazing woman at Camels and Friends, Lorne was deliberately placed with this specific ram for a reason.

Lorne is now five months old, coming on six. He has been introduced to sheep, since he was seven weeks old and has been around the herd daily. Today, under strict supervision I decided to put him in with a semi-dominate ram to gauge his reaction to him. The reason I chose this ram was because he was dominate and willing to stand up to Lorne, but was not overly aggressive and dangerous to him (such as Octavian would have been). Likewise, most of the Ewes would have been a poor choice and triggered a flight response in the sheep, which then may have triggered a chase drive in Lorne, which could have resulted in his predatory nature kicking in- whether he meant the sheep harm or not.

This wasn’t the first time that Lorne encountered sheep. He met a group of sheep at the young age of 7 weeks and then again a few weeks later when a strong mama ewe ran the puppy off.

Perhaps Lorne is better off just sticking with his Corgi pal for just a little while longer.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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