Wobbly Lamb Unable To Stand Gets Help From Creative Woman With A Modified Shopping Bag

A baby lamb named “Bouncer” in Okehampton, Devon has been unable to walk since birth due to an infection in his joints. Luckily, Bouncer got some assistance from Cheryl Lavinia, the woman whose father owns the farm where Bouncer lives and who very creatively cut out 5 holes from the bottom of a shopping bag to accommodate Bouncer’s legs and tail, in order to help the lame lamb get around.

She hangs the bag on a bungee jump chord off a hammock in the garden so the playful youngster can bounce – and gradually build up the strength in her limbs.Humanities teacher Cheryl also assists Bouncer by holding the handles of the bag – allowing him to walk along almost weight free. The cute one-week-old Suffolk cross Berrichon lamb is now gradually learning to walk with the help from the black bag…She said: “Every day I give him an injection of antibiotics and bottle feed him every three hours. He is getting quite fat, he loves his food. I might have to get him a bigger bag. I love him, he is my companion. If Bouncer survives we will keep him as a pet. He has become a bit of a celebrity. – Western Morning News

Bouncer Face

Bouncer with Cheryl

Bouncer Going for Walk

Bouncer Getting Bottle

images via Western Morning News

via Western Morning News, Nothing To Do With Arbroath