YouTuber Shares Devastating Video of His House That Burned Down In Ventura County Thomas Fire

Engineer William Osman whose wonderfully quirky and creative projects we’ve posted in the past, shared a devastating video showing the complete destruction of his Southern California house caused by the raging Thomas Fire that swept across Ventura County with little abandon. While going through the charred bits of his home, Osman saw what did (and didn’t) remain of his workshop and understandably broke down. Friends have set up a GoFundMe page to help the Osmans get their lives back together after losing just about everything they owned.

..their home has been destroyed, along with treasured belongings by the Thomas Fire that is currently engulfing much of Ventura County right. They are safe and were able to evacuate with a few important belongings, but will have to rebuild their lives and will need your help. Any funding (no matter how small) would greatly help relieve The Osmans of some of the financial stress this situation has created.

Information about making donations to other victims of this terrible fire can be found on the Ventura County website.