A Beginners Safety Guide to the Scottish Tradition of Wild Haggis Hunting

The Haggis Wildlife Foundation offered a comprehensive beginners safety guide to the traditional Scottish art of “Haggis Hunting”. Using an excellent David Attenborough impression, the narrator explained how the tradition started, what equipment to take along for a day of hunting, and what safety precautions needed to be taken for traversing the craggy Scottish Highlands.

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a curious beginner, join us as we navigate the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands in pursuit of the elusive wild haggis.

Wild Haggis Hunting

The haggis is a wild creature indeed. In fact is has been rarely sighted except, sadly on many a dinner plate in Scotland.

The mythical Scottish wild haggis animal, which has intrigued and puzzled individuals for centuries, raises questions about its existence.

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