Why the Symmetry of Beauty Makes Humans So Happy

In a equipoised animation, Munich design house Kurzgesagt explains, in their consistently highly informative manner, the concept of beauty and what makes humans perceive something as beautiful, even if they can’t necessarily define it upon sight. The perception of beauty is often associated with the recognition of symmetrical shapes, patterns and features. Once the human brain has made the logical connection of familiarity, feelings of joy are released.

We perceive something as beautiful if its color shape form or proportion somehow are appealing or delightful to us. Beauty is a very human experience that’s been with us for millions of years. …the definition of beauty has changed a lot, ideals have shifted or turned into their opposites. But beyond individual and contemporary tastes some things have never really gone out of fashion. The golden ratio symmetry or fractal patterns can be found in the art and architecture of cultures from our beginnings to today.