Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Spend One’s Life in Bed

Life Noggin narrator Pat Graziosi describes all the terrible things that could happen to a person’s body should that person never want to leave their bed.

you’ll start to get weaker especially if you are immobile in the bed. See muscles at complete rest lose ten to fifteen percent of their strength per week. In just three to five weeks the muscle has lost nearly half of its strength…complete rest will also cause your endurance to decrease leading to fatigue. even more inactivity and your muscles will begin to atrophy too, losing their mass. Your bones also lose their mass, eventually stabilizing around 42 seventy percent of their original mass. This is caused by increased bone resorption which is a process that breaks bones down eventually fast enough that it outweighs the rate of new bone growth. …that’s not even all of it people there are tons of other negative effects of bedrest, like increased anxiety, increased risk of kidney stones and an increased risk of pneumonia.