Playful Dystopian Digital Renderings of What Future Earthlings Might Look Like If Left to Our Own Devices

Graphic artist Ali Cetin, aka shroomco, has created a playful line of dystopian renderings showing what future Earthlings may look like after the planet has been reduced to a radioactive wasteland and rule of law becomes all but non-existent.

Needs of humanity has changed with the advancements in technology. We started to want more, house, car, love, lover, country, land, lips, nose, hip and MONEY. We saw nothing else to get these. We saw none of our fellow humans or the nature we live in to pursue our goals. We stole, pillaged, poisoned, bombed, killed and at the end turned into humanoid creatures living on earth. We became an “earthling” one way or another.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips