Legendary Filmmaker Werner Herzog Expresses His Admiration for Those Who Persevere at Skateboarding

While speaking with Ian Michna of Jenkem Mag, legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog expressed his admiration for those who continually persevere in their quest to conquer certain skateboard tricks, and their acceptance of having to fail over and over before they are successful.

Herzog also told Michna that, while he never has directed a skateboard film, he would set his to a soundtrack from a Russian Orthodox choir. At the end of the conversation, Michna declared Herzog an honorary skateboarder.

Werner Herzog is a pillar of cinema—a pioneer known for his prolific output, quick wit, and uncommon approach to film. He’s a guy who brings a true sense of uniqueness to an industry increasingly overrun with superheroes. But what does he have to do with skateboarding? Technically speaking, nothing. Werner has no background in skating. But I believe he is one of us.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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