Welcome Lori Dorn, New Contributing Writer at Laughing Squid

Please give a big ten tentacle welcome to Lori Dorn (who also happens to be my wife), our new Contributing Writer here on the Laughing Squid blog. We’re excited to have her onboard! And now, I turn you over to Lori…

Scott Beale, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

I’m so happy to now be writing for Laughing Squid. I recently made the decision to fulfill my dream of writing full-time after spending 15 or so years working in human resources. I graduated from SUNY Binghamton (now Binghamton University) with a degree in Creative Writing and had been writing about workplace related topics at HRLori.com since 2005.

In my spare time I like to make things. Jewelry. Cocktails. Tonic Syrup. Food. Music. It’s the stuff of life. And life is good here with my husband Scott Beale and my two kitties Ika and Taki in New York City.

Silver Fox


Lori's Tonic

photos by Scott Beale and Lori Dorn