Welcome EDW Lynch, New Contributing Editor at Laughing Squid

You may have noticed a new name showing up on our blog post bylines quite a bit over the last few months. Please give a ten tentacle welcome to EDW Lynch, our new Contributing Editor here on the Laughing Squid blog. He’s been busy helping us get through our massive backlog of stuff we’ve been wanting to share along with a bunch of new stuff.

What follows is some background on EDW Lynch in his own words.

— Scott Beale

Hi Internet,

Shortly after moving to San Francisco from the East Coast in 2003, I started noticing curious and wonderful things going on: costumed pranksters in the streets, odd public events, art cars…and when I started asking around to find out what was what, everyone pointed me here, to Laughing Squid. Scott’s blog introduced me to the Bay Area art community (in which I became an active participant) as well as a wider world of pranksters, geeks, artists and their creations.

I was giddy when Scott first wrote about one of my events (precious, precious eFame™!) And now, here I am, sporting the suction cups of an official Laughing Squid Tentacle. I’m honored to serve, and currently coated with a clear viscous fluid I can only assume is part of my transformation.

If you’re like me, you love Scott’s curation of art, culture & technology. I hope you also enjoy my writing and that of our awesome guest bloggers. Do tweet at me and let me know how I’m doing.

I’ve been writing and creating absurd public events ever since settling in San Francisco. If you’d like to know more about my other works, read on. Or, you can scroll down a bit, and let the tentacles of Laughing Squid drag you deeper into the depths of art, culture, technology & cetera. — EDW Lynch

In 2003 I came out as a corporate-man hybrid, the EDW Lynch Corporate Manglomerate. More recently I began holding press conferences, mainly in regards to my romantic operations, which culminated in the selection of a Chief Snuggle Officer (aka girlfriend.)

Since 2005, I have orchestrated Santa’s vast security apparatus for his visits to San Francisco, in the guise of Santa’s Little Secret Service. In 2009, we provided an elaborate security motorcade for Santa’s friend, the Easter Bunny.

In the same “selfless humanitarian” vein, I also established a UN Commission concerned with abnormal cultural events such as flash mobs and Burning Man: The United Nations Unconventional Culture Commission. UNUCC is probably best known for its ill-fated mission in 2009 to stop the San Francisco Pillow Fight.

Calling the Sleighborne division

photo by Ed Hunsinger

And last year I helped stage an absurdist nonsense protest of First Amendment beta testers the Westboro Baptist Church.

I sometimes moonlight unofficially for the BBC (without their knowledge or, presumably, approval.) Here’s a report on San Francisco’s Mission Neighborhood I did with fellow reporter David Cairns.

Alright, that’s enough from me. Tentacles, away!