‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Performs a Wonderful Cover of the George Harrison Classic ‘What Is Life’

Weird Al Yankovic Covers What Is Life

The always wonderful “Weird Al” Yankovic, who is truly known for his clever parodies, performed a straight and quite wonderful cover of the George Harrison song “What Is Life” at the commemorative George Fest 2014. Editors Randumbify were able to to synch up fan footage from rjrjr8, Whole Lotta Concerts and Jaclyn Fiore, to create a seamless video that showed off the entire song.

We, Randumbify, are not the owners of the materials in this video. We merely took some cell phone fan videos of the event, cleaned them up, and synced them together the best we could as an Homage to two musical legends: George Harrison and Weird Al Yankovic. Thank you Weird Al for doing this.

via The Awesomer