‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Talks About His Colorful Career While Consuming Increasingly Spicy Vegan Wings

In seventh season finale of the First We Feast series Hot Ones, the wonderfully creative musician and performer “Weird Al” Yankovic sat down with host Sean Evans to consume a plate of increasingly spicy vegan wings.

As he ate, Weird Al shared some of the most memorable moments of his career including a phone call with Kurt Cobain, and meeting Sir Paul McCartney, who recognized him as well. He also spoke about what it’s like being an accordion player and how his career started long before the internet. The effect of the spice grew a bit tortuous for Weird Al, but he muscled through to the end.

I definitely came up from the pre YouTube days and there’s a lot of people out there doing comedy videos and music parodies and some people are doing it extremely well and some people not so much. I want to see somebody that it seems like, maybe I influenced them in some way and they’re doing doing a great job. I would take a lot of pride in that and there other times I look at the internet and say what have I done?

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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