Webcam Captures Cat Joining Dog on the Sofa to Snuggle Together While Their Humans Are at Work

A sweetly affectionate orange tabby named Kelvin joins his canine buddy Joule every day on the sofa to get in a few cuddles before their humans came home. Both these animals (and some others) live with Elphaba16, who had decided to set up a webcam focused on the sofa in order to watch these two animals snuggle together while at work as they will only do this when their humans are out of the house. Both animals were rescued, so perhaps as best buds, they soothe each other to keep symptoms of separation anxiety at bay.

The dog’s name is Joule, and we got her as a rescue about 4 years ago (she is 5 years old now). We think she is part Vizsla. She had pretty severe anxiety when we first got her, but has come a long way. The cat’s name is Kelvin. He’s about 4 years old. We got him as an older kitten about 8 months after getting Joule. …I’m using an Amazon Cloud Camera to record them. I usually keep the live stream open on the corner of the second screen of my work computer, so I can watch them be adorable. During the workweek they snuggle up and sleep together the entire time we are not home. They very rarely do this when we are home.