A Wearable Air Conditioner That Fits Inside of a Shirt

REON Pocket Manual

We previously wrote about the Sony REON Pocket, a really handy personal temperature control device that conveniently fits inside a pocket at the base of the neck of a specially-designed t-shirt.

At the time, the developers were raising funds in order to bring their cool invention to market. The fundraising campaign was overwhelmingly successful. The REON Pocket has been released and can now be purchased, although it is currently only available through stores in Japan.

REON POCKET is used by attaching the main body to the back pocket of the dedicated inner. When you wear innerwear, the body is designed to fit around your neck, allowing you to cool or warm your neck directly. It is the mechanism of REON POCKET that makes it easy to get a cool sensation because it comes into direct contact with the skin.

The REON Pocket connects via Bluetooth to a proprietary smartphone app (iOS and Google Play) in order to regulate temperature with different modes – Manual, Quick Launch, and Personalized. The Auto mode uses motion-sensors as well.

When the auto mode is turned on, the temperature level is weak at the beginning of walking, increases gradually as you continue walking, and reaches the strongest temperature level when you stop walking. For motion detection, we have adopted a unique motion-sensing technology developed at Sony’s R&D center. This technology, which detects human walking movements in real time, enables appropriate temperature adjustment.


REON Pocket Use