We Spoke Out, A Powerful Compilation of Classic Comics About the Atrocities of the Holocaust

We Spoke Out Comic Books HC hinge sticker

We Spoke Out is a brilliant and powerful compilation of classic superhero comic books from a range of popular publishers that specifically address the atrocities of the Holocaust. This moving book is a collaboration between legendary illustrator Neal Adams, Wyman Institute director Rafael Medoff, and comics historian Craig Yoe, all of whom feel that that this horrific chapter in history can never be forgotten.

This unique coffee table book contains classic comic book stories about the Holocaust and interviews with their artists and writers, with a cover drawn especially for this book by legendary comics artist Neal Adams. We Spoke Out showcases classic comic book stories about the Holocaust and includes commentaries by some of their prestigious creators. Writers whose work is featured include Chris Claremont, Archie Goodwin, Al Feldstein, Robert Kanigher, Harvey Kurtzman, and Roy Thomas. Along with Neal Adams (who also drew the cover of this remarkable volume), artists include Gene Colan, Jack Davis, Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane, Bernie Krigstein, John Severin, and Wally Wood.

Blitzkrieg #2 March-Apr 1976

Blitzkrieg #2 March-Apr 1976 Walls of Blood 4

Eerie #9 May 1967 Experiment in Fear 4

frontline combat #3 Nov-Dec 1951 desert fox 5

Impact #1 March-Apr 1955 Master Race 1 (1)

stamps comics #4 apr 1952 escape from maidenek 1

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