We Demand Donuts From Flickr!

We Demand Donuts

Some people are demanding that Flickr remove videos, others are demanding that Flickr remove photos, but the most important thing that people are demanding from Flickr is Donuts!. Stephen Shankland has more on this movement over at CNET.

If we get 20,000 people to join the group Flickr will be forced to give us free donuts! Join the group if you want Flickr to give you free donuts.

“What do we want? Donuts! When do we want them? Now!”

UPDATE: Matthew Rothenberg, who works for Flickr, confirms that they will in fact be providing donuts. At long last the people are getting what they demanded.

While you have not yet reached your goal of 20K members, we at FlickrHQ have heard of your noble efforts and seek to answer your cries for justice.

Save the date: Wednesday, April 16th, 11:00am at a donut shoppe TBD in downtown San Francisco. I will purchase one (1) free donut for every We Demand Donuts group member who shows up.* (*While supplies last.)

This is not a joke.

Let glazed and jelly-filled freedom ring!

(I sincerely apologize for those members who are not local to the SF Bay Area, but the combination of a greasy donut and a postal envelope is a very sad thing indeed, and would be an affront to Donutkind.)

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Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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