Wasting Time on the Internet, A Clip from Aziz Ansari’s Stand-Up Special

Wasting Time on the Internet is a clip from Dangerously Delicious, the recent stand-up special by comedian Aziz Ansari. The entire special is available to purchase online as a download or stream.

Jessica Bennett recently interviewed Ansari on Tumblr’s Storyboard in a piece titled Aziz is Bored, But Not Boring:

You recently released a standup special, Dangerously Delicious, exclusively online. How’d that come about?

I was deciding to record the special last year, and looking at how many views I had on Youtube versus how many DVDs I’d sold. And it was just very clear that people were listening to my stuff online. And then I was with Louis CK when he was editing his online special last year, and I was curious to see if that’d work — if he’d have the same reach without the traditional marketing behind it. But he put it out, and people really got behind it. And I just thought, since I was planning on releasing it online anyway, let’s just do it, and see how it goes. And people seem to be really into it.