Warm and Fuzzy, Knitting Scarves for Charity

Warm and Fuzzy

Warm and Fuzzy is a wonderful project started by Ellen Watkins, a high school student in San Francisco, who is encouraging people to knit scarves for charity between now and Valentine’s Day. The scarves can be dropped off at Imagiknit, Greenwich Yarn, Atelier Yarns, Mendels/Far-Out Fabrics, The Gables and Wishbone, who will then donate them to Bay Area Rescue Mission, a Richmond-based organization that provides assistance to the Bay Area’s homeless and impoverished.

Warm and Fuzzy is a San Francisco organization of friendly teenage knitters looking to make a difference. From now until Valentine’s Day, we invite you to knit a scarf for someone in need in the Bay Area. Any yarn, any size, so long as it was made by you.

photo by Little Miss Meshell

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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