Thirty Uninterrupted Minutes of Walking in Osaka, Japan

Photographer Uly Huerta, who moved from Los Angeles, California to Osaka, Japan, documented a wonderful walk through the streets of his adopted city that continues for a blissfully uninterrupted 30 minutes. In the video, Huerta visually shows off different districts within the city including the shopping districts of Namba and Nipponbashi, the new world district of Shinsekai, and the residential area of Joto-ku.

Namba is a popular shopping and entertainment district located in Minami, one of the two major city centers in Osaka….Shinsekai, or “The New World,” is one of my favorite parts of Osaka. The area was developed in the early 1900’s as a tourist destination modeled after Paris and New York. …Nipponbashi, also known as “Den-den Town” (Electric Town) is another popular shopping district in Osaka. ….Joto-ku is a residential ward in the north-eastern part of Osaka. It has the highest population density in Osaka, and the sixth largest in Japan.

Here are several other views of Huerta’s beloved city.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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