A Visual Tour Featuring Every Magnificent Detail of the Beautifully Restored Grand Central Terminal

It’s almost like a secular Cathedral

Historian Anthony W. Robins and New York Times journalist Sam Roberts gave a wonderful visual tour for Architectural Digest that showcased every magnificent detail of the beautifully restored Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan. These two well informed guides offered historical information of the many iconic spots with the terminal, such as the Tiffany four faced clock, some cleverly hidden spots and those spots which are very much out in plain sight but often overlooked in the rush of the daily commute. One such amazing area is the Whispering Gallery.

You could look up and see that Gustavino ceiling designed by Raphael Guastavino. This patented interlocking tile ceiling which is an innovation at Grand Central ….this is a technology of thin tile and cement which is in fact is extremely strong. There are no steel beams holding up that pedestrian bridge which is what’s going over our head. It’s all done by the angles at which the tiles interlock. Apparently by accident – it’s a very echoey space. If you sat in one corner of this Whispering Gallery your voice will be carried across the parabolic ceiling toward the other side.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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